Goodenough College

Goodenough College is an independent charitable trust which provides accommodation and fellowship, in a collegiate atmosphere and pleasant surroundings, for some 400 single and 120 married graduate students from the Commonwealth, the USA and Europe. The two main residences in Mecklenburgh Square are London House and William Goodenough House. Facilities at each House may be used by all College residents. It is expected that most students will stay for at least one year.

London House, founded in 1931, offers accommodation for 280 single men and women in single study bedrooms. Facilities include the Dining Hall, Frederick's café-bar, computer rooms, the Chapel, the Charles Parsons Library and a number of public rooms.

William Goodenough House, founded in 1950, has accommodation for 120 single men and women in single study bedrooms and 119 flats for married couples, with or without children. Facilities include the Campbell Stuart Library, computer rooms, attractive common rooms and a bar. There is a day nursery for children over two and two children's playrooms. All accommodation is fully furnished, centrally heated and equipped with a telephone, refrigerator and cable television outlet. In single accommodation, bedding is provided and the cost of electricity is included in the monthly rate. Each study bedroom is provided with a wash hand basin and bathroom facilities are communal.