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The LGAC Scholarship Program

For more than two decades the main focus of the LGAC has been to provide scholarships to Canadian graduate students studying in London and living at Goodenough College, the pre-eminent residential college for international graduate students in London. Superbly located in central London, the College attracts members from over 80 countries, creating a rich cultural and academically diverse residential community. Goodenough College is comprised of two main residential halls: London House, which re-opened in September, 2014 after an extensive renovation, and William Goodenough House which was fully renovated in 2011-12. In the 2015 U.K. National Student Survey, Goodenough College was voted the Best Specialist Accomodation designation and the College received the International Accommodation Quality Mark.

Since 1990, the LGAC has funded Scholarships for 167 students with awards totaling over $1 million. Nearly $500,000 of this funding has been raised from individual, corporate and foundation sponsors, which have assisted the LGAC in increasing both the number of awards and the amount of each award. See the Individual, Corporate and Foundation Sponsorship Program section on this website for further information. In addition to Scholarship funding, winners receive guaranteed acceptance for residence at the College – a highly sought benefit.

In 2015, the LGAC awarded five funded Scholarships, valued £5,400 each. This year, the LGAC awarded its first Scholarship sponsored by the Jackman Foundation.

L’association décerne annuellement une bourse financée par la Fondation Molson. Cette bourse, nommée Bourse LGAC/Molson pour francophones canadiens, est attribuée à un canadien francophone ayant gagné une Bourse LGAC. Aux fins de cette bourse, le terme « francophone » s’entend d’un candidat qui parle français à la maison et qui a étudié principalement en français. Les candidats qui souhaitent s’auto-identifier comme francophones sont invités à cocher la case appropriée sur le formulaire de demande. Des preuves à l’appui de cette désignation pourraient être demandées par la LGAC.

La LGAC a jusqu’à présent attribué six bourses de la Fondation Molson. Ces bourses ont la même valeur que les autres bourses de la LGAC, soit £5 400 à l’heure actuelle.

For more information on the Scholarship Program, including the LGAC / Molson Foundation Scholarship for Francophone Canadians, please refer to the Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions.

Please refer to the Instructions to Applicants section below for details of the 2016-17 Program as well as the 2016-17 Scholarship Application Form.

The Scholarship Honour Roll, below, lists the LGAC Scholarship Winners since 1990.

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The London Goodenough Association of Canada (“LGAC”) invites applications for scholarships in support of graduate study in London, England for the 2016-17 academic year. The Scholarships are paid as a credit towards the cost of accommodation at Goodenough College.

The LGAC will award six or more scholarships with a value up to £5,400 each, including awards funded by individual donors, corporate sponsors and foundations, such as Jackman foundation and the Molson Foundation, sponsor of the LGAC / Molson Scholarship for Francophone Canadians. Scholarships are awarded principally on the basis of academic excellence, and take into account the expected contribution that winners will make to the extracurricular life at Goodenough College. Candidates must be full-time students enrolling in an accredited graduate (or higher) program in London or undertaking thesis research in London while enrolled elsewhere. Scholarship winners are required to reside at Goodenough College for a full academic year, although up to two awards of a minimum of six months residency to support thesis research will be considered. All Scholarships are awarded for a maximum term of one year and will not be renewed. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

Interested candidates must submit a completed Application Form that can be downloaded in fillable PDF format by clicking HERE.

Candidates must also arrange to have original transcripts from all post-secondary institutions and three confidential letters of reference sent to the address below. Scholarship winners are required to report any other awards they receive. Additional awards may reduce the funding level of an LGAC Scholarship.

The deadline for receipt of all application materials for the 2016-17 academic year is January 25, 2016. Candidates will be notified of the results of their applications in late April 2016. For further information, visit the LGAC website or email the LGAC at

Evan Thomas, Chair
P.O. Box 5896, STN A
Toronto ON M5W 1P3

Registered Charity #BN 891107146 RR0001

The LGAC is pleased that the following outstanding students have received LGAC Scholarships since 1990-91. Winners receiving Scholarships funded through Individual, Foundation or Corporate Sponsorships are so designated. “Honour Only” winners did not receive LGAC funding as a result of other financial awards they received, but were guaranteed accommodation in London House or William Goodenough House.

2015-2016 Scholarship Winners

Dörte Bemme – Elizabeth Jane Magee Memorial Scholarship
Andrea Blanchard – Alan Hartley Memorial Scholarship
Maria Dobson – Honour Only
Ross Linden-Fraser – Jackman Foundation Scholarship
Amy Luo – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
Celine McGarvey – Ireneus Zuk Scholarship
Kaivon Pakzad-Vaezi – Honour Only

2014-2015 Scholarship Winners

Andrew Harvey – Allan J Hartley Memorial Scholarship
Victoria Prouse – Richard Helmstadter Memorial Scholarship
Gavin Tansley – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
Courtney Thompson – Elizabeth Jane Magee Memorial Scholarship
Laura White – Judith Maclean Rodger through London Community Foundation Scholarship

2013-2014 Scholarship Winners

Avalon Fotheringham – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
Lorena Fuentes – Allan J. Hartley Memorial Scholarship
Heather Gainforth – Honour Only
Jeffrey Mo – Richard Helmstadter Memorial Scholarship
Mona Pinchis
Pascale Trépanier – Molson Foundation Scholarship
Melisa Yorgancioglu – Elaine and Michael Granatstein Memorial Scholarship

2012-2013 Scholarship Winners

Lindsay Kobayashi – Richard Helmstadter Memorial Scholarship
Hayley Lagroix – Allan J. Hartley Memorial Scholarship
Varun Molhotra
Ghazal Mosadeq
Imara Rolston – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
Winnie Siu
Hoai-an Tran – Molson Foundation Scholarship

2011-2012 Scholarship Winners

Maria Chen
Marie-Luise Ermisch – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
James Fogarty – Allan J. Hartley Memorial Scholarship
Caroline Laroche – Molson Foundation Scholarship
Michael Manulak
Mathew Wyman-McCarthy – Richard Helmstadter Scholarship

2010-2011 Scholarship Winners

François Bourque – Honour Only
Sarah Bull – Honour Only
Adrienne Campbell – Honour Only
Mark Celinscak – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
Mélissa Gélinas – Molson Foundation Scholarship
Mia Hunt – Richard Helmstadter Scholarship
Sahar Kazranian – Allan J. Hartley Memorial Scholarship
Maya Kaczorowski
Grace Lore
Bernice Tsoi

2009-2010 Scholarship Winners

André Bernard – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
Katherine Bingham – Allan J. Hartley Memorial Scholarship
Hanna Elias – Richard Helmstadter Scholarship
Aidan Forth – Honour Only
Dominique Hamel – Molson Foundation Scholarship
Jean-Sébastien Joyal – Honour Only
Thomas-Bernard Kenniff – Molson Foundation Scholarship
Stephen Pomedli – Invesco Trimark Scholarship
Sarah Stranks

2008-2009 Scholarship Winners

Justin Bengry – Allan J. Hartley Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Bermingham
Thomas Crawshaw – Richard Helmstadter Scholarship
Sara Mojtehedzadeh – AIM Trimark Scholarship
Aaron Murphy
Andrew Pinto – Honour Only
Shannon Smith
Karen Tam – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship

2007-2008 Scholarship Winners

Elisabeth Bédard – Honour Only
Jodi Burkett
Jean-François Champoux-Lemay
Léa-Catherine Szacka
Avram Denburg – Honour Only
Irfan Dhalla – Honour Only
Chad Hamre
Paula Hastings – Allan J. Hartley Memorial Scholarship
Sandra Hwang
Tara Kiran
Liane Macdonald – Honour Only
Sheila Varadan

2006-2007 Scholarship Winners

Kristine Alexander
Christopher Cook
Katherine DeLaMatter
Ismail El-Hamamsy – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
Peter Johnston
Wynne Lawrence – AIM Trimark Scholarship
Stephanie Morley – Honour Only
Brent Richards – Honour Only
Kenneth Stauffer

2005-2006 Scholarship Winners

Neil Abraham – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
Katherine Aoki – AIM Trimark Scholarship
Colin Eatock
Eddy Kent
Lindsay Kochen
Andrew Pickett
Mark Zeitoun

2004-2005 Scholarship Winners

Neville Dubash – Neil Black Memorial Scholarship
Will Hanley – Honour Only
Aaron Hope
Erik Johnson
Azzizza Khuddoos – AIM Trimark Scholarship
Megan Landes – Fidelity Investments Canada Scholarship
Chris Mead
Joann Sy
Jeremy Torobin

2003-2004 Scholarship Winners

Melissa Andrew – Honour Only
Laura Hagen – Honour Only
Martine Gosselin – Royal Bank Financial Group Scholarship
Priya Kisson
Tippi Mak
Joel McKim
Kristin Patterson
Rachel Pulfer
Nisha Sharma
Andrew Smith – Honour Only

2002-2003 Scholarship Winners

Faith Armitage – Honour Only
Simon Bailey – Royal Bank Financial Group Scholarship
Audra Diptee
Larissa Fassler
Desmond Fitz-Gibbon – Honour Only
Francis Gagnon
Ran Goel – Honour Only
Christine Lightowler
Michelle McCombs – AIM-Trimark Scholarship
Emma Richardson
Evan Thomas – AGF Management Scholarship

2001-2002 Scholarship Winners

Shannon Bradley – Honour Only
David Cashaback – AGF Management Scholarship
Devon Curtis – Royal Bank Financial Group Scholarship
Devin Henry
Michael Lumbers – AIM-Trimark Scholarship
Elder Marques
Lindsay McLaren
Usman Sheikh
Samuel Shem

2000-2001 Scholarship Winners

Marie-Josée Aubin
Gino Caresse
Jed Fallis – AGF Management Scholarship
Emily (Kate) Gibson – CIBC World Markets Scholarship
Philippe Hall – Fidelity Investments Canada Scholarship
Michael Lehman – Merrill Lynch Canada Scholarship
Valerie Percival – Trimark Financial Scholarship
Lac-Hong Phi
Elizabeth Shih
Ian Stewart

1999-2000 Scholarship Winners

Michael Doherty
Jonathan Gray – CIBC World Markets Scholarship
Timothy Hill – Deloitte and Touche Consulting Group Scholarship
Martha-Marie Kleinhans – Fidelity Investments Canada Scholarship
John McEwan – Merrill Lynch Canada Scholarship
Sean Marion – Scotia Capital Markets Scholarship
Lac-Hong Phi – Honour Only
Marie-Hélène Rousseau – AGF Management Scholarship

1998-1999 Scholarship Winners

Emma Bircham
Sylvain Bouffard – Merrill Lynch Canada Scholarship
Mark Chilton
John Cockell
John Huxter – Honour Only
Krista Kesselring
Nomi Lazar – Deloitte and Touche Consulting Group Scholarship
Colin Q-T Lee – CIBC Wood Gundy Securities Scholarship
David Porecca – Fidelity Investments Canada Scholarship
Aaron Santesso

1997-1998 Scholarship Winners

Andrew Bethune
Erin Blake
Marina Caparina
Philippa Estall – Honour Only
Robert Hodgins-Vermaas – Midland Walwyn Capital Scholarship
Ailish Johnson – Honour Only
Craig Johnson
Désirée McGraw
Heather Menezes – CIBC Wood Gundy Securities Scholarship
Patricia Peña – Deloitte and Touche Consulting Group Scholarship
Eugenie Shinkle
Alette Willis – Honour Only
Michele Wollstonecroft

1996-1997 Scholarship Winners

Bruce Broomhall – Honour Only
Yohanna Loucheur
Yana Mirkin
Ayeshi Rekhi
Tom Riley – Honour Only
Charles Vien
Rebekah Young – Deloitte and Touche Consulting Group Scholarship

1995-1996 Scholarship Winners

Jerry Bannister
Lisa Ling – Honour Only
Salim Loxley
Andrea McKenzie
Jacqueline Pinto

1994-1995 Scholarship Winners

Brian Beck – Honour Only
Catherine Bohemier
Andrew Gray
Stephen Pender
Anna Snaith

1993-1994 Scholarship Winners

Jeevan Doel
Andres Kasekamp
Greg Smith
Winner – Name to be confirmed
Winner – Name to be confirmed

1992-1993 Scholarship Winners

Simon Devereaux
Frederick Fawn
Roch Legault
Natasha Pairaudeau

1991-1992 Scholarship Winners

Anne Milovic
Jeffery Norton
Kathyrn Patterson

1990-1991 Scholarship Winners

David Clemis
Danielle Laudy
Robert Maule
Eric Ranfft
Florence Stratton

Q: Am I eligible for the LGAC Scholarship Program?
A: You are eligible if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and are pursuing an accredited graduate program in London for period of at least eight months, or undertaking thesis research for a minimum of six months.

Q: Do I have to be registered at a London University or college?
A: No. You are also eligible if you are registered at a Canadian university or other non-London university and wish to do thesis research in London for 6 months or more.

Q: Do I have to be registered in a degree program?
A: Not necessarily. Non-degree programs that require a prior undergraduate degree, such as some diploma or post-graduate medical programs, are eligible.

Q: What is the deadline for applying?
A: The deadline is listed on the Scholarship Application Form.

Q: Where can I obtain a Scholarship Application Form?
A: You can obtain the Application Form from this website. Download the Scholarship Application FormHERE.

Q: What other information do I have to include with my Application Form?
A: You are required to send all Applicant Materials including the completed Application Form, a Statement of Purpose which describes your reasons for wishing to pursue your intended program in London for the year, as well as your broader objectives. The Statement of Purpose should not exceed 750 words. If you are pursuing a research thesis you are required to provide a Thesis Description of your thesis project (500-word maximum). In addition, you are required to have other parties send separately the required Supporting Materials, which include all post-secondary transcripts and three letters of reference.

Q: Can I include additional information that does not fit on the Application Form?
A: Yes, but only if it is relevant. The LGAC must review a large number of applications and is not receptive to lengthy documents.

Q: I am an art / music / architecture student. Should I send a sample of my work?
A: Samples are not required and may be ignored. You must use your own judgment. Samples will not be returned.

Q: Whom should I ask to send my reference letters?
A: The academic persons most familiar with your university record. If you have significant employment experience, an employment reference is acceptable.

Q: Can my referees fax or email you their letters?
A: Yes, but only if the LGAC receives the authenticate original shortly afterwards.

Q: Can I send more than three reference letters?
A: Only if it is fills an important part of your background not covered by other referees. A significant employer reference could be a fourth letter.

Q: Can I email the Application Form?
A: Yes. However, we must receive originals of all transcripts and confidential letters of reference.

Q: Are photocopies or faxed transcripts OK?
A: You can send a photocopy or fax, but only if the LGAC receives the original shortly afterwards.

Q: Can I send, or arrange for referees and university offices to send material by courier?
A: Application materials should be sent to the LGAC’s Post Office Box address. However, many private couriers will not deliver to a Canada Post Box, although Canada Post’s courier service will. If you wish to use a private courier, the courier address is:

Mr. Brian Cardie
LGAC Administrator
1552 Arcadia Square
Pickering, ON L1V 6W6

Q: If I apply in one year and do not win an award, can I apply again the next year? If so, can my application materials be reused?
A: You are eligible to reapply the next year, if you still meet the eligibility criteria. The LGAC generally retains application materials for a period of one year and will retrieve letters of reference and transcripts from the previous year provided they are still current. In any case, you must submit a new Application Form, including a new Statement of Purpose and Thesis Description (if applicable) and must notify the LGAC that you wish to reuse material from the previous year’s file.

Q: Will you let me know when you receive my application materials?
A: Shortly after the January deadline the LGAC will try, if possible, to let applicants know by email if part of their file is missing. However, there is no guarantee that the LGAC will be able to do this. The best practice is for applicants to check with their referees and university offices to see that the required letters and transcripts have been sent.

Q: What does the Scholarship pay for?
A: The awards are paid towards the cost of accommodation (i.e., rent) in either London House or William Goodenough House in Mecklenburgh Square as a pro-rated monthly credit to your account. Award winners do not receive any cash. The maximum award level is currently £4,800 (approximately $C 7,900).

Q: How many months of rent does an award pay for?
A: The rate for a single room with shared bathroom facilities range from £755 to £884 per month. Rate for a single room with a private bathroom begins at £812 per month. A £5,000 award will fund about 6.6 months of rent in the least expensive room.

Q: If I win a Scholarship, but want to go to London the following year, will the LGAC allow me to defer my award?
A: No. The LGAC does not permit deferrals. You will have to reapply for the following year.

Q: Do the LGAC Scholarships take into account marital and/or family status?
A: The LGAC award does not take marital or family status into account in determining its awards or their level. Award levels are based on single room occupancy, although the higher cost of flat accommodation may be taken into account if a winner’s award level is reduced as a result of other award income.

Q: When can I take up my award?
A: Normally in September. Winners are required to reside at Goodenough College for a full academic year (at least 8 months). An exception may be made for up to two awards for 6 months residency for students undertaking thesis research.

Q: If I win an award, do you guarantee a space in residence?
A: Yes. However, the LGAC’s guarantee of accommodation extends only to single room accommodation. While the LGAC will use its best efforts to secure a flat for winners with spouses/partners and those with dependent children, flats are subject to availability, as determined by Goodenough College, and must satisfy the College’s eligibility criteria.

Q: I understand that Goodenough College is undergoing renovations. How will this affect the availability of accommodation?
A: Renovations at both London house and William Goodenough House have been completed and the College is fully open. Please consult the Goodenough College website ( for further information.

Q: If I win a Scholarship do I have to send in a College residence application form?
A: Yes. The Scholarship process and College residence application processes are separate. You must send the College a residence application form even if you win a Scholarship.

Q: I have not been accepted yet for my program in London, or have not heard the results of my Scholarship application. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to stay at the College. Should I apply to the College in any case? Is there a deadline for applying for residence at the College?
A: There is no posted deadline for applying to residence. Generally, students apply for residence when they receive acceptance from a London academic institution. The College will allocate accommodtion periodically as applications are received. However, leaving the application process until June or later may be risky. Please check the college’s website for further information.

Q: Can apply to I renew my Scholarship for a second year?
A: No. Funding for Scholarships is for one year only. The only permitted exception is where an Honour Only winner may apply for a funded award in the following year.

Q: What are my chances of winning an LGAC award?
A: Competition for LGAC Scholarships is very high. Unfortunately, the LGAC is not able to fund many fine candidates. Typically, the LGAC receives anywhere between 35 to 70 applications per year and makes 6 or 7 awards depending on the amount of the LGAC’s funding and the value of other awards received by the winners.

Q: What happens to the funding you award to students who decline your Scholarship or who change their mind at the last minute? Can I apply in the summer time for the un-allocated money?
A: Nice try, but no. The Scholarship Committee establishes a waiting list and works down the list to reallocate funding as it becomes available.

Q: When do I hear if I won a Scholarship?
A: In late-April we inform candidates that their application resulted in one of the following three outcomes:
(i) Winning a Scholarship
(ii) Placement on the waiting list for a Scholarship
(iii) No Scholarship

Q: How long can it take to hear about a Scholarship if I am on the waiting list?
A: It depends. Most of the winners list is finalized by mid-June; however, the LGAC will re-allocate funding through the summer months and, sometimes, into September if funds become available from winning candidates whose circumstances change.

Q: What are my chances on the waiting list?
A: Each year is different, although if you are high on the list, your chances are likely to be very good in any year. The LGAC will provide some indication to candidates in April of the likelihood of an award.

Q: What criteria do you use to decide the winners?
A: Scholarships are awarded mainly on the basis of academic excellence and take into account the expected contribution that winners will make to the extracurricular life at Goodenough College.

Q: What if I win other scholarships, awards or other funding, will the LGAC scale back its award?
A: If the total amount of your awards exceeds your tuition cost and a substantial living allowance (as determined by the LGAC), your LGAC Scholarship will be scaled back. Winners of major scholarships, covering tuition and living expenses will not be provided any additional funding by the LGAC. All winners, regardless of other awards, will be guaranteed accommodation in residence. (As noted above, this guarantee applies to single rooms only. Flats are subject to availability).

Q: What happens if my award is reduced to zero?
A: The winners are designated as “Honour Only” winners and, of course, are still provided a place in residence. (As noted above, this guarantee applies to single rooms only. Flats are subject to availability).

Q: What if I do not hear from you about the results of my application?
A: You should be notified by email or letter about the status of your application by late-April. If you have not heard from the LGAC by then, you may send the LGAC an email at Please ensure that the LGAC has your correct mailing address.

Q: Does the LGAC have any other student aid programs, such as loan assistance?
A: No. The Scholarship Program the LGAC’s only funding program; however, the college offers a number of Entry Scholarships. Please consult the college’s website for further information.

Q: How does the LGAC Individual, Corporate and Foundation Sponsorship program work?
A: The LGAC has received large donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to fund the Scholarship Program. In return, the LGAC designates a specific Scholarship winner to be the winner of a named scholarship in recognition of the donor’s financial support. This is a name designation only. There are no separate criteria (except with respect to the LGAC/ Molson Foundation Scholarship for Francophone Canadians) and the amount of a sponsored award is the same as a regular LGAC award.

Q. How does the selection process work for the LGAC / Molson Foundation Scholarship for Francophone Canadians?
A: All LGAC Scholarship applicants are considered on an equal basis, without regard for a candidate’s status as a francophone or not. If one or more candidates that has self-defined himself or herself as a francophone is first selected to receive an LGAC award, the LGAC will then designate one of these candidates (and in some circumstances more than one) to be the winner of a LGAC / Molson Foundation Scholarship.

Q: What if it is not clear to me that I would meet the LGAC’s definition of francophone, but nonetheless feel that I am a francophone?
A: Please tick the box on the Application Form and provide a short explanation.

Q: How many Scholarships does the Molson Foundation sponsor each year?
A: The LGAC expects to award one Scholarship per year from funds provided by the Molson Foundation. If there is no francophone candidate among the list of LGAC Scholarship winners in a particular year, the LGAC will defer the funding and may make an additional award in a subsequent year.

Q: If I self-define as francophone and tick the box on the Application Form, does this increase my chances of winning a Scholarship?
A: To the extent that one or more candidates that self-define as francophone are successful in winning an LGAC Scholarship, the total number of Scholarships awarded by the LGAC will increase, thereby raising everyone’s chances of receiving a Scholarship. Of course, the actual outcome for a specific candidate will depend on where the candidate places on the final winners list. Given the potential for increasing the number of Scholarships, it is important that the each francophone tick the box on the Application Form.

Q: If it is not clear from my education or other evidence on my Application Form that I am a francophone and I tick the box on the Application Form, will the LGAC require other information from me to show that I meet the francophone definition?
A: If you tick the francophone box on the Application Form and, in the LGAC’s judgment, there is insufficient supporting evidence on your Application Form, the LGAC will likely ask you to provide some supporting evidence if you qualify as a Scholarship winner. Ultimately, the LGAC reserves the right to determine if a candidate satisfies the francophone definition.

Q: If I tick the francophone box on the Application Form in good faith and the LGAC ultimately decides that I do not meet the francophone definition, will the LGAC penalize me?
A: No. However, the LGAC reserves the right to reject a candidate that submits false information in support of his or her application. This provision applies to any information submitted by an applicant and is part of the declaration each candidate makes by submitting the Application Form.

2015-2016 Scholarship Notice (English & French).

The London Goodenough Association of Canada and Goodenough College, London, UK, are delighted to announce that the LGAC has been awarded $100,000 by the Jackman Foundation towards the LGAC’s Named Scholarship Program. In recognition of this extraordinary gift, the LGAC will be offering a Jackman Scholarship for at least 15 years. The first such Scholarship will be awarded for the 2015-2016 academic year.